Assistant Proferssor: Xin-Mao Huang(黃信貿)

Personal Profile

Xin-Mao Huang received his MS. and Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering department of National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C., in 1998 and 2005. Currently, he ia an assistant proferssor in Computer Science and Information Engineering Department in Aletheia University. His research interests include data mining, distributed system, and multimedia applications.

Contact Information

Office: R909, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Aletheia University
Phone: +886-2-26212121 ext. 5224
Fax: +886-2-26264129


Ph.D., Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, 1998/9~2005/6
M.S., Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, 1996/9~1998/6


程式設計(二), Spring 2010
數位系統導論與實驗, Spring 2010
程式設計(一), Fall 2010
數位系統導論與實驗, Fall 2010
計算機結構與實驗, Spring 2009
Peer to Peer Computing, Fall 2008
數位系統導論與實驗, Fall 2008
資料庫系統, Spring 2008
計算機結構與實驗, Spring 2008
高等資料庫系統, Fall 2007
數位系統導論與實驗, Fall 2007
資料庫系統, Spring 2007
計算機結構與實驗, Spring 2007
資料探勘, Fall 2006
數位系統導論與實驗, Fall 2006


Jouranl Papers

1. J.-L. Huang, S.-C. Chiu and X.-M. Huang, ``GPE: A Grid-based Population Estimation Algorithm for Resource Inventory Applications over Sensor Networks,'' accepted by Journal of Information Science and Engineering, Vol. 25, No. 1, January 2009.
2. X.-M. Huang, C.-Y. Chang, M.-S. Chen, PeerCluster: A Cluster-Based Peer-to-Peer System, accepted by IEEE Trans. on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Vol. 17, Issue 10, pp. 1110-1123, October 2006.
3. X.-M. Huang, C.-R. Lin, and M.-S. Chen, Design and Performance Study of Rate Staggering Storage for Scalable Video in a Disk-Array-Based Video Server, IEEE Trans. on Consumer Electronics, Vol. 50, N0. 4, November 2004.

Conference Papers

1. I.-Y. Lin, X.-M. Huang and M.-S. Chen, Capturing User Access Patterns in the Web for Data Mining, Proc. of the 11th IEEE International Conference Tools with Artificial Intelligence, pp. 345-348, November 9-11, 1999.
2. X.-M. Huang and M.-S. Chen, Design and Implementation for Join Operations in a Network Database, Proc. of Conf. on Electronic Imaging and Multimedia Systems, SPIE Photonics China '98 Symp., November 3-7, 1998, pp. 79-85.